Diamond Jewellery for the Dainty Damsels

Sleek and stylish diamond jewellery makes great accessories for all occasions and goes well with all kinds of outfits. With shimmering stones set on precious metal, this jewellery showcases your inherent beauty and class. Chunky classic gold jewellery will look great with traditional attire, while slim and trendy designs complement modern outfits. Here are a few diamond jewellery designs that you can check out.

Contemporary Tanmaniya Pendant Diamond Necklace:

With round diamonds set on yellow gold, this stunning necklace is sure to attract envious glances. The graceful “V” at the centre, set above a curve of gold with six diamonds sits cosily in the hollow of your throat. The necklace looks elegant and goes well with traditional attire.

Harmony in Nature Pendant:

The combination of white and yellow gold with coloured gemstones makes this pendant truly attractive. Featuring a five-petal rose gold flower with a solitaire in the centre and an intricately carved butterfly with a pear-shaped ruby, this jewellery is sure to appeal to nature lovers. All you will say after looking at this pendant is “WOW!”

Two-row Diamond Tanmaniya Necklace:

This contemporary jewellery piece will make a perfect companion for trendy as well as traditional occasions. The diamond jewellery design features two rows of diamonds held together with two ribbon pieces studded with diamonds. The simplicity of the design enhances its allure and adds beauty to the persona.

Prudence Diamond Pearl Earrings:

If you are looking for a pair of earrings that will go well with your professional outfit, then buy this diamond jewellery. The awesome combination of pearl and diamond gives you an understated elegant look. The design features a small hoop studded with diamonds that holds a round Chinese freshwater pearl. This pearl earring will look smashing with western outfit and those around you will be spell-bound for sure.

Daffodils Diamond Bracelet:

This bracelet design features five dainty daffodils in yellow gold with diamond centerpieces. Simple and elegant, this gold jewellery is sure to draw attention of all. The easy clasp lock makes wearing and taking it off very easy. If you want to stand out of crowd, this piece alone is enough. It goes with every outfit and you are sure to get applause.

Forever Diamond Bangle:

Focus attention on your slim and beautiful arms with this delicate gold and diamond bangle. Four diamond clusters are arranged between undulating yellow gold rims held together by diamond-encrusted bands.

Wondering, where you can find these spectacular jewellery pieces? Don’t worry, just type the name of the design in any search engine and you are sure to get the list of the online stores selling them. Then go through each online store and check out their collection. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern jewellery designs, you can find them aplenty at online stores. Most of the stores offer discount coupons. Buy diamond jewellery online at highly discounted prices and also take advantage of the free insured shipping. However, don’t forget to verify the credentials of the online store before buying diamond jewelry.