Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hair

Head hairs are the longest hairs on the human body. These hairs are characterized as having the same diameter and, often, a cut tip. But head hairs differ in some aspects. For example, African hairs are curly whereas most Asian hair is black, course, and straight. In addition to the variation of characteristics and types of hairs on the head, it also grows in different directions in different parts of the scalp. Hairs at the back of the head grow backward and downward; hairs at the front and top grow frontward and head hairs on the side grows away from the middle of the head.

Hairs on the top of the head can appear uncut, with tapered tips but can be cut with a razor, clippers, or a pair of scissors. In other words, head hairs are subject to more alteration compared to the hairs that grow on other parts of our body. Head hair alteration includes the use of hair dyes, rinses, frosts, permanents, and other chemical applications. These alterations can greatly change the hair’s natural appearance and texture.

Head hairs provide protection against the cold and heat. They can also buffer impact to the skull. Head hairs can also be a medium to express your individuality. How you style your hair says a lot about your sense of fashion and character, which is why there are immeasurable hair styles to suit every person. And there’s a wide array of hair salons to help you find or keep that cool style.

But hair, without the proper care, is not free from damage and breakage. It is actually quite strong, but is still subject to damage. So, treat you hair well. Follow some hair care tips from hair magazines, and you’ll be sure to have smooth and shiny hair.