Cheap Living – Try RVing As a Lifestyle

Cheap living is something we may not have thought much about before last year. Then the stock market went south and people are thinking “Now I can’t ever retire”. When you are dealt lemons why not make lemonade? Cheap living does not mean living cheap it can mean a lot of fun. How?

Consider fulltime Rving as a way of life. Lots of people do it or haven’t you been caught behind a RV on a 2 lane curving road. Yep that’s us in the RV, not in any particular hurry, enjoying the scenery. RVing is also a great way of living cheaply.

List the money you spend on your home mortgage, home insurance, utilities, property taxes, painting, termite service, etc . Compare with monthly rent of around $500 per month for an RV space. Add your RV insurance, a maintenance fund and compare the 2 columns.

Are you shocked? I ran the numbers when we first got an RV and figured I could RV for about 35% of what I spent operating a house. Now of course I did miss mowing the lawn, cleaning the screens, gardening, and doing house chores…get the picture.

Replace the restrictions, let alone the expense and life on the road seems like a winner to me. It is a way of life that has many rewards.

The obvious are choosing the climate you experience, being closer to family, or being further from family. Whatever it is your choice.

Before the RV, when we were working we vacationed by plane. Go to the airport, get the bags (I assume they made it), get the rent a car and off you go. You may pack and unpack a couple of times, but what the hay you are on vacation.

Compare that, which we did for 20 years, to RV life. One you pick when you go through big towns to avoid traffic, you never have to unpack, and your “home” goes with you everywhere.

A big bonus in RV life is the scenery you see on the road. You miss a lot when you fly.

We used to fly from Phoenix to Denver and drive to Steamboat Springs. Flying takes about 12 hours of hassle and frustration. When you drive to Steamboat Springs from Phoenix you go through Monument Valley, there is no traffic, great scenery…oh yeah it takes 12 hours. Do I have to mention the difference in cost?

Here is a great example of how cheap living can be a positive instead of worrying about your next brokerage statement. RV life costs less, offers tremendous flexibility, and is a lot of fun. Enjoy.