In Season Pop-Up Shops

Mass retailing today does not meet the changing buying patterns of the American consumer, who has been buying closer and closer to her need for many years now. This trend has only been amplified by the recession and the consumer’s lack of discretionary spending funds.

Despite this trend retailers stand by their traditional merchandising calendars and seasonal merchandising approaches. Back to school starts arriving in late May for initial setups in June, before most kids have even been let out for the year. Christmas and other seasonal holiday goods are “on the water” over the summer, begin hitting the sales floor in late August, and set up completely in September.

There are a lot of reasons for this. Retailers know that the first sale is the most profitable and that early indications on upcoming seasons are critical to allowing either re-orders of trending items or cancellations of things that look like they could be “dogs”. They also know that chasing a season can be very expensive as the last buy is the one that ends up in the markdown bin, potentially ruining a season’s profitability for a buyer. This is a key reason why experienced merchants are willing “to go home early” and leave the in-season sales to others. And therein lies the opportunity for a brave entrepreneur.

The rise in acceptance by landlords to “Pop-Up Shops,” driven overall by the extra retail storefronts available across America, further facilitates this novel approach.

Selling and offering large assortments of swimwear in July and August not just near the shore but in large cities is a business that would have virtually no competition. Similarly other summer goods, such as beach chairs, umbrellas and the like, have all been replaced by fall apparel in the nation’s retailers by the time most of get to an August vacation. We want it, we need it, but we cannot find it.

This strategy isn’t without its challenges. In season Pop-Up Shops would either have to transfer their ending inventory to another in season shop operating in another seasonal market, or pack it away until they re-open for next year’s same season. Alternatively, a well planned In-season Pop Up shop could morph from one merchandising focus to another, throughout the calendar year. Imagine closing for a week to shift from a bathing suit Pop-Up shop after Labor Day to a Halloween pop-up shop on Sept. 15th. This would add excitement to the location and keep a work force employed throughout the seasons. And perhaps, most importantly, garner increased loyalty from a consumer who would finally be able to shop for the things they need when they actually need them.

Best Comparison Shopping – Confessions of the Best Comparison Shopping Experts

Best comparison shopping comes from the unwritten rules of what many consumer advocates call high-tech shopping secrets. If you’re reasonably net savvy you’ve heard of comparison shopping engines. But few people apply the unspoken rules of the smart shoppers secret money – and time saving tool. When it comes to comparing a products price, features, guarantees, and after purchase support, nothing compares to them. I’ll explore many secrets you’ll need to know if you want to save time, convenience and most important money.

The goal of every smart bargain hunter today is getting the best value, meaning the best quality for the lowest price. In a business climate where retailers continue to scratch and claw for more sales, it’s important to shop smart by using the most effective way to search for the best value. With gas prices soaring it’s expensive driving from store to store shopping for the best price, sales and deals.

That’s why an online price comparison shopping engine can save you time and money and why they continue as one of the fastest growing category of websites on the Internet. People find them convenient, fast, and accurate. The days of driving or even calling from store to store to find the lowest prices for products and services is slowly going the way of the cassette player, rotary telephone and buggy whip.

Because people have less time to shop, or they want to do it more efficiently, comparison shopping engines continue to attract more and more smart shoppers. It’s amazing how you can check the details of 20 different brands of a single product with the click of a mouse, without leaving your easy chair. The good news is comparison shopping websites continue to get better and faster, as they race to fill the needs and demands of today’s busy, over committed, but savvy consumer.

Yes, today’s smart shoppers do their research online before making a purchase, especially for products and services costing over $100, according to the latest research. The top comparison shopping engines report an increase in traffic. As more smart shoppers discover this high tech shopping tool, I predict more traffic for these sites in the future.

Yes, the secret of the best comparison shoppers of the future will come from a person’s ability and skill at using these high tech shopping engines. Most important you can use them without leaving the comfort of your easy chair.

The Evolution of Online Shopping and How Online Shopping Can Save You More Money

Technology has made online shopping quite possible to all people of the world. So, the number of people who access the internet to buy something has increased dramatically. According to the research conducted world now has more educated, more technology savvy, more income people which results in flourishing. When online shopping was at its initial stage only young people came online to make a purchase. But when online shopping started to evolve more and more middle aged people who have more money to spend came out of the orthodox structure and accepted shopping products online. Now many middle aged people shop online for educational products, groceries, gadgets and more.

An added advantage to shop online is it comes with huge savings. Most of the products that is sold online will come with huge discounts as the producers can spend less on retail facilities and this cost reduction turns into reduction in price when the product is sold online. Apart from this online shopping saves more time, you need not to drive all the way to the retail store in heavy traffic for your shopping. When shopping online you can simply start shopping in the internet at the luxury of your home. Also you need not stand in the long queue to pay your shopping bills, when you shop online you can pay using your credit card, debit card or internet banking. This saves more time and you can spend the saved time with your friends and family.

As online shopping is flourishing there are many websites that are providing free coupons and vouchers which you can redeem at an online shopping website or your local store or restaurant. When you shop online or register with a website to get some latest offers in your neighborhood store or restaurant these websites gives you free discount coupons. These coupons will be mostly related to restaurants and spas, which you can redeem when you visit those restaurants and spas. This is an added advantage for shopping online apart from less price on products.

When you are planning to shop online, the best thing you can do is to spend some time researching and reviewing the online shopping websites. This will help you to finalize on the website that gives better offers and discounts on the products. From then on you can regularly access this website to shop online. Most of these websites has new online offers on daily basis. Therefore visiting these websites on a regular basis will save more money.