Contemporary Bengali Wedding

Weddings have come out of the old fashioned customs of the past to include more contemporary elements. A Wedding is a very important affair for a family. Moreover Indian families give a lot of importance for many wedding ceremonies. Indian weddings are very popular for their lavish and colorful ceremonies which add to the glamour of the ceremony. Most of the Hindu religions regard the marriage as tradition than a legal affair. The marriages in India are the appropriate mixture of celebration, tradition ad sentiments. The reason being, it is merging of two different families and souls at the same time. In spite of diverse religions and different kind of rituals and traditions, the common aspects among the weddings are commitment, sentiments, mixed emotions & gatherings.

The Indian weddings have modernized to a large extent according to the generation. But they still remain a grand family affair. The Bengali weddings also have changed accordingly as per the generations. The Bengali bride and Bengali groom are treated very royally like prince or princess. The couple is showered with gifts and presents throughout the wedding during various ceremonies. Earlier, the groom would arrive at bride’s place or the place where the wedding takes place, mounted on a horse. Nowadays most of them come in decorated cars. The Bengali bride on the other hand is dressed in traditional attire, with heavy embroidery and authentic traditional jewellery. The jewellery is given to her by her family.

The mantap is decorated with pretty things. More of red color is used as it is considered to be auspicious. Brides’ generally hire a henna artist to apply mehendi on their hands. It is generally done two to three days before the wedding.

Bengalis are known for their rich culture and they boast of interesting rituals for their marriages. Every Hindu wedding is made very special. Similarly Bengali wedding have their own unique customs during and after the ceremony. Whether it is a simple or a lavish Bengali wedding, one can witness the rituals followed appropriately and strictly. The Bengalis make sure that most of the rituals are covered in the contemporary weddings also.

A Bengali marriage can be divided in three phases basically. They have pre-wedding rituals, wedding rituals and post wedding rituals. During pre wedding rituals the pandit starts certain pooja, couple of days before the wedding. This takes place in both bride and grooms place. During these days, both the families exchange gifts for Bengali bride and Bengali groom. They also exchange assortments like sweets, fish and sarees etc. This is then followed by the haldi function where the bride is adorned with turmeric paste. It is believed that this ritual brigs glow to the bride’s skin.

The families get together around the mantap. The couple then ties knots during the recital of vedic mantras. They move in circle for seven times around the sacred fire. They are then seated in their respective seats. The groom puts vermilion in the Bengali brides’ hair parting.

This is then followed by post marriage rituals, where the bride bid adieu to her parents and family and joins her husband family. The next day the bride cooks a traditional meal for all the family members.

Silver Necklaces for the Ladies of Fashion and Style

Women love just jewellery. Only they can appreciate the true value of a glinting piece clinging around the neck, hugging the wrists, and those enfolding the fingers. An elegant necklace is probably the best gift a man can give to her lady. But buying necklaces is perhaps a troublesome thing for someone. Whether you are buying a necklace for yourself or for somebody else, the first thing you need to do is look for popular shops in your place. If you cannot find one, then going online for jewellery shopping isn’t a bad option.

There are many materials for necklaces and one of the best pick in the market is one made of sterling silver, which is flashy and elegant. Silver necklaces have this power of throwing out brilliance and statement. Say nothing when you are donning a lustrous piece of elegance around your neck. Silver is in the league of gold or platinum and designers easily put some gemstones (like citrine and peridot) to enhance its natural charm. Sterling silver necklaces come in various designs. Some are endowed with pendants and stone ornaments while others are plain, stylish silver chains.

Necklaces made of silver come in different lengths just like all the other kinds of necklaces. You can have a collection of necklaces that come in different lengths but consider your apparel, facial structure, and body type when choosing a necklace to put on. Keep in mind that your choice for a necklace can either make or break your overall get-up. People first look at your face and as they look down, what they see first is that shimmering piece hanging down your neck, accentuating your mid-chest region which would be otherwise bare.

Buying necklaces online is tricky because you don’t get to try them around your neck to see if it would look great. This is even more of an issue if you are choosing jewellery chokers because you need to make sure they fit just right, not too tight and not too loose. So get a good measurement of your neckline and compare it with the measurement of the necklace shown on an online jewellery shop. You can ask the dealer for specifics. Sterling silver chokers would usually measure around 15 inches and these ornaments simply run around your neckline for sheer accentuation. Collar silver jewellery would be a little shorter than chokers and they give a snug fit. Collar jewellery usually has at least three strands and it clings closer to the neck than any other type of necklace. Long necklaces vary from short princess necklaces that may be as short as 17 inches to lariats that are more than half a yard. Long necklaces made of silver are flexible when it comes to accessorizing and they can be worn in different ways and styles.

Nonetheless, necklace lengths depend on the occasion. Business appointments and corporate meet-ups don’t demand for overdressing and too much jewellery. All you need is a matinee silver necklace that settles on the chest. There is no need for luxury silver chokers or rope necklaces. You don’t need to look too flashy in the corporate world, especially if there are employee attire codes to adhere to.

When shopping online, read necklace length specifications and find out if the length of the clasp is included. Necklace clasps add less than an inch to the entire length of the jewellery though.

You should also make sure that the silver necklace is of sterling silver and not fake silver. Since it’s tough to distinguish between sterling silver and counterfeit, you should buy only from reputable sellers online.

On the other hand, the design and style of the sterling silver necklace is largely a matter of preference, so choose what your heart desires.

Diamond Jewellery for the Dainty Damsels

Sleek and stylish diamond jewellery makes great accessories for all occasions and goes well with all kinds of outfits. With shimmering stones set on precious metal, this jewellery showcases your inherent beauty and class. Chunky classic gold jewellery will look great with traditional attire, while slim and trendy designs complement modern outfits. Here are a few diamond jewellery designs that you can check out.

Contemporary Tanmaniya Pendant Diamond Necklace:

With round diamonds set on yellow gold, this stunning necklace is sure to attract envious glances. The graceful “V” at the centre, set above a curve of gold with six diamonds sits cosily in the hollow of your throat. The necklace looks elegant and goes well with traditional attire.

Harmony in Nature Pendant:

The combination of white and yellow gold with coloured gemstones makes this pendant truly attractive. Featuring a five-petal rose gold flower with a solitaire in the centre and an intricately carved butterfly with a pear-shaped ruby, this jewellery is sure to appeal to nature lovers. All you will say after looking at this pendant is “WOW!”

Two-row Diamond Tanmaniya Necklace:

This contemporary jewellery piece will make a perfect companion for trendy as well as traditional occasions. The diamond jewellery design features two rows of diamonds held together with two ribbon pieces studded with diamonds. The simplicity of the design enhances its allure and adds beauty to the persona.

Prudence Diamond Pearl Earrings:

If you are looking for a pair of earrings that will go well with your professional outfit, then buy this diamond jewellery. The awesome combination of pearl and diamond gives you an understated elegant look. The design features a small hoop studded with diamonds that holds a round Chinese freshwater pearl. This pearl earring will look smashing with western outfit and those around you will be spell-bound for sure.

Daffodils Diamond Bracelet:

This bracelet design features five dainty daffodils in yellow gold with diamond centerpieces. Simple and elegant, this gold jewellery is sure to draw attention of all. The easy clasp lock makes wearing and taking it off very easy. If you want to stand out of crowd, this piece alone is enough. It goes with every outfit and you are sure to get applause.

Forever Diamond Bangle:

Focus attention on your slim and beautiful arms with this delicate gold and diamond bangle. Four diamond clusters are arranged between undulating yellow gold rims held together by diamond-encrusted bands.

Wondering, where you can find these spectacular jewellery pieces? Don’t worry, just type the name of the design in any search engine and you are sure to get the list of the online stores selling them. Then go through each online store and check out their collection. Whether you are looking for traditional or modern jewellery designs, you can find them aplenty at online stores. Most of the stores offer discount coupons. Buy diamond jewellery online at highly discounted prices and also take advantage of the free insured shipping. However, don’t forget to verify the credentials of the online store before buying diamond jewelry.